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Quality Alert

Simple. Personal.

‘Quality Alert’ is the simple way that Primary Care colleagues can tell us about concerns they may have with the quality of care elsewhere in the healthcare system. 

For example, many GPs tell us about issues they’ve had with poor quality or late information being sent to them after a patient has spent time in hospital.  Others have told us about delays that patients have had or when they have concerns about the medication they have been given.

To register a Quality Alert, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Please don’t send patient identifiable details though as we can't handle this data at the CCG.

We will register your Alert and acknowledge receipt. Although every Alert is different, we will normally ask a CCG Quality Lead to liaise with the provider who has caused the concern and ask them to investigate.  Following investigation, either the provider or Quality Lead will respond to let you know the outcome.

We collect themes and trends from all the alerts and present this to our CCG Quality and Governance Committee, as well as other meetings to help inform our work.